Black Dog Ride Around Australia 2019
10th Anniversary Tour


Black Dog Ride Around Australia 2019

The 10th Anniversary Tour!

On the 10th Anniversary of the ride that inspired a nation, Black Dog Riders will embark on a 15,696km epic journey of personal discovery and community awareness.

In 2009, after the suicide of a loved one, Steve saddled up and set out to raise awareness of depression. 10 years later his visionary act has grown into a nationally respected Australian mental health charity involving hundreds of community leaders with lived experience organising activities each year, all with one aim: to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Support our intrepid adventurers as they undertake a life changing journey to empower communities around Australia by shining a beacon of hope into the shadows to leash the black dog of depression.

All funds raised will be put into Black Dog Ride's Community Funding Pool to fund small grants across the nation for projects which lead to positive mental health outcomes in our communities.

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Our Belief

Black Dog Ride believes that fostering awareness of depression in communities is the best catalyst for preventing the tragedy of suicide.

By bringing together hundreds of people - most of whom have lived experience with mental illness or suicidal ideation - empower both the participants of the ride and the communities they visit with the knowledge that mental illness can be managed, and that people can live a fulfilling life with a mental illness.

Our Mission

Black Dog Ride's goals when developing mental health and suicide prevention community campaigns and activities are:

 Engaging and collaborating with local communities Australia wide
 Raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention in those communities
 Building important social links for participants, community members, and community groups
 Linking participants and community groups to mental health support services
 Building the capacity of our volunteers 
 Supporting local businesses and community groups

 Raising funds for mental health projects

Our Mission

Hundreds of Black Dog Riders taking to the roads in every region of the nation starts conversations, and this builds awareness everywhere.

By starting a national conversation about mental health, amplified by Black Dog Riders from every corner of the country, we can normalise depression, we can encourage people to seek support when experiencing a mental health crisis, and we can ultimately prevent suicide.